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This is Into The Arctic.

History. Knowledge. For everyone.

Into the Arctic was opened on January 28, 2017. The origin and idea of Into the Arctic exhibitions was the collection of its founder, Arngrímur B. Jóhannsson, of age-old maps and charts, all made by known map makers. The oldest map is probably 300-400 years old. Part of Hafstein Hólm Thorsteinsson’s life work was donated to Into the Arctic and consists of taxidermied animals. Stories, images and artefacts are from the Foundation of Vilhjálmur Stefánsson and give good insight into his journeys around the Arctic Circles. There are also accounts of Vigfús Sigurðsson’s travels with Wegener and Kock over Greenland’s Glacier. Into the Arctic gives an excellent insight into life in the Arctic, including the Eyjafjörður coastal culture, Inuit life, about boats/ships and aeroplanes, old navigational equipment, as well as handicrafts of past times.

We offer refreshments!

In our dining room, we offer a simple menu consisting of traditional Icelandic homemade dishes. We serve alcoholic beverages and we make sure there is always hot coffee available!

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Next to our exhibition hall is our speciality shop, where you can find unique gift and design products, most of which are connected to the Icelandic nature.